Announcements released as R3D

28/10/2016Appendix 4C – quarterlyPDF
21/10/2016Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormPDF
20/10/2016Company Secretary Appointment/ResignationPDF
30/09/20162016 Appendix 4GPDF
30/09/20162016 Corporate Governance StatementPDF
30/09/2016Annual Report to shareholdersPDF
01/09/2016Appoinment of CEO-Leo LopezPDF
30/08/2016Correction-Termination of Support Services AgreementPDF
29/08/2016Termination of Support Services AgreementPDF
26/05/2016Director Appointment/ResignationPDF
21/04/2016Appendix 4C – quarterlyPDF
21/04/2016Appendix 4C – quarterlyPDF
13/04/2016Contract with DigitalXPDF
06/04/2016Details of Company AddressPDF
04/04/2016Change in substantial holdingPDF
29/03/2016Becoming a substantial holderPDF
23/03/2016Change of Director’s Interest NoticePDF
23/03/2016Initial Director’s Interest NoticePDF
23/03/2016Appointment of Director and CEOPDF
23/03/2016Letter to Shareholders – ASX ListingPDF
22/03/2016Information Form and ChecklistPDF
22/03/2016Top 20 ShareholdersPDF
22/03/2016Distribution SchedulePDF
22/03/2016Corporate Governance StatementPDF
22/03/2016Appendix 1APDF
22/03/2016Securities Trading PolicyPDF
22/03/2016Pre-Quotation Disclosure With Various ConfirmationsPDF
22/03/2016ASX Notice – Reinstatement – 23 March 2016PDF
22/03/2016Reinstatement 23 March 2016PDF
29/02/2016Half Yearly Report and AccountsPDF
29/02/2016Appendix 4D for the Half Year Ended December 2015PDF
25/02/2016Extension of Closing DatePDF
27/01/2016Appendix 4C – quarterlyPDF
25/01/2016Replacement ProspectusPDF